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New 2019 Styles: Created Based Off Your Feedback

Posted by Nesha Sanghavi on

At UG Apparel, we are continuously improving our line by incorporating the feedback we receive-- our goal is to make each year’s line better than the last.

In March 2018, we hired a market research agency to conduct several women’s focus groups. The groups were held in Birmingham (AL), and Ann Arbor (MI). The women who participated were aged 30-75, and were of various body shapes. The project goal was to determine what women want in collegiate apparel-- what do they look for, and what are they not finding.

Here is the gist of what we found:

  • There is a lack of larger sizes in the market
  • A need for a wider, age appropriate assortment of trendy and unique designs (beyond t-shirts/sweatshirts)
  • Alumni women, particularly aged 25-45, want to wear the latest trends like cut-outs, however they need it in a Missy fit
  • Comfort is key, the fit and fabric of the garment is very important
  • Women prefer to wear the primary color of their team, but also like to wear neutrals
  • There is a demand for a variety of logo placements on licensed apparel

Based off our findings, we are happy to present to you the NEW UG Apparel Fall 2019 line!

For the new line, we saw an opportunity to expand our assortment and create more styles that reach the younger end of the alumni spectrum. Specifically, we have added to our assortment in the knit styles by adding new silhouettes, more fashion details, and using a very soft and comfy cotton/modal blend fabric.
We feel the “refresh” to our new line will reach a wider age and customer demographic, while still staying true to the UG Brand.

We look forward to hearing your feedback on our new styles, as always, your thoughts help make us better!


Nesha Sanghavi, Owner

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