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Nesha SanghaviLaunched in 2011, University Girls Apparel started as a small clothing line for West Virginia University and Marshall University. Since then, UG Apparel has expanded to over 65 schools and can be found in stores across the country.

 Nesha Sanghavi, the founder and owner of UG Apparel, saw the lack of fashionable women’s clothing in West Virginia stores. The market, over saturated with screen-printed boxy t-shirts, also catered to Junior’s sizing. Realizing that there was little for the fashionable alumna to wear in cuts that flatter their body, Nesha set out to create a new collegiate clothing line in real sizes for real women!

UG Apparel was made with the fashionable female in mind. We have used the best colors and graphics that only a real fan would know about. We know that women come in all shapes and sizes, and each of them deserves to be stylish while being spirited. All of our clothes are made in REAL SIZES, because they are for real women!

Make sure you check out our size charts to get your perfect fit, and if you have a question, contact us! 

 If you are a wholesaler and would like to carry UG Apparel in your store, please contact us for a wholesale price sheet.

UG Apparel is always open to new suggestions so if you have an idea, question, or just want to say “hey,” contact us at

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